Get $10 free when you invite your friends

Get $10 free when you invite your friends.

When your friend signs up for a box you with get $10. No limit to the amount of friends you invite.

Refer your friends to Hood River Organic

Did you know food that many grocers carry is shipped from across the country and even imported internationally.  When you choose these products off the shelves you’re expanding your carbon footprint.

Spread The Word, Save The World

We are just a bunch of farmers working in the soil.  Every year we hope our crops come in strong, healthy and bountiful.  The only way this works is by conscientious people like you choosing to eat and support local.

Your Help Is Appreciated

Here is why supporting us is so helpful.

  • Eating local, supports the local economy.
  • You get fresher more delicious produce.
  • Organic food reduces the amount of toxins you are putting in your body.
  • Reducing your carbon footprint helps to change our world for the better.

Help us grow, and refer us to a friend