Refunds/Cash Account

Refunds/Cash Account

There are no refunds. We are asking our subscribers to invest in what we are growing and producing, which is a fundamental principle of being a part of community supported agriculture. By supporting local farms and local farmers you are investing in a seed, a plant, and a hope for a good harvest. Our commitment to you is to make sure the value of the food in your box is equivalent to your cost. If you have money in your cash account, we ask that you please spend it on add-ons or other organic products in our store for your final delivery.

What is a cash account?

Every CSA member has a cash account. For various reasons money may be deposited there. For example, if you customize your $40 box and only put $33 dollars worth of items in the box, the remainder would be in your cash account and not refunded to your credit card. Unspent money from your customized CSA box is transferred into your cash account the day your box is delivered and can be used towards your next purchase. Our software will automatically deduct any funds from your cash account first before charging your credit card on your next purchase. To see if you have money in your cash account you would login and the cash account appears in your member dashboard or you can click “my account.”

We do not refund any money in the cash account, and ask that you spend it all on your last CSA box if you choose to cancel.