How do I customize my box?

Important Details About Customizing Your CSA Box

When you join the CSA you will create a login account. You can login at any time to make changes to your subscription. You can change the frequency of boxes, put boxes on hold, and customize your produce box. Here are some quick guidelines about customization.

  •  The produce list comes out weekly in an email sent out Friday afternoon. Until you receive the email, you will not be able to view the produce list.  Also if you are not receiving a box the coming week, you will not see the list in your account as we only make a list one week at a time. Once you receive the email, you can login to your account and make changes to your box. Since it is a mass e-mail, please check your spam settings to make sure you receive it.
  • You can easily get to the login screen by clicking “CSA Member Login”  at the top of our homepage or by clicking the link in the weekly email.
  • You have a window from Friday afternoon to Monday @ 10 a.m. to customize your box or put your box on hold. At 10 a.m. the orders are locked. Your card is charged at 12 p.m. on Monday.
  • All orders will be charged either $40 or $60 depending on your box size. If you customize below this amount the credit will be put in your cash account and used on your next purchase. Also you cannot directly substitute items from the online store for items in your box. Add-on items are extra items.
  • Minimum customized orders are $30 for a Sprout and $50 for a Grande.
  • Make sure that you save changes to your customized order, especially before clicking the “Add-ons” button. If you do not save your order correctly, it will reset to the default box.
  • Since we are a farm, and the weekly produce list is a forecast, sometimes we are wrong. In the case that we do not have an item due to weather or another reason, we reserve the right to sub in another produce item of our choice. We will not credit the original item.
  • Click here for step-by-step instructions for customizing your box (with pictures!)