How much does a box cost?

How much does a box cost?

Our mission is to bring the freshest local organic produce direct from farm to plate. This process is cutting out many middle men in the journey from the field to your kitchen. This allows us to pass on considerable savings.  We triangulate our pricing off of our costs to grow certified organic produce, and what the organic farmers in our Co-Op need to be sustainable. We feel our pricing is the same or better than the store. Plus you can’t get fresher produce than produce picked within days of delivery. Price depends on which box size you choose, how you decide to pay and how you customize your box. You will receive a 10% discount (the price of one box) if you prepay for 10 boxes. Here is a breakdown of the prices:

Sprout Box (10-14 items). What’s an item? Click the “Next” button to see what’s in the box):    $39 per box/$351 for 10 box prepay

Farmers Box (13-16 items): $49 per box/ $441 for 10 box prepay

Grande Box (14-18 items):    $59 per box/$531 for 10 box prepay

There is a $4.95 fee per box if you choose to have boxes delivered to your home. If you are not sure you are in our home delivery zone, you can email and see if we deliver to your address. A list of our pick-up locations and home delivery zone is here. There is no fee to pick-up your box at a pick-up location.

How do I pay?

You can pay by credit card or check. If paying by credit card, you will be billed upon purchase when you sign up online. If paying by check, we need your payment one week before your first delivery.

Make your check out to: Hood River Organic
Send checks to: Hood River Organic, Attn. CSA, P.O. Box 1550, Hood River, OR 97031

So how does customizing my box work in terms of price?

By signing up for the CSA, you are committing to buying either $29, $39, $49 or $59 worth of produce from our farms to support local agriculture. However, not all products in the box are the same price. So you might customize your box and end up with a $39 dollar box or a $41 dollar box. In the case of the box price being under your card will be charged the subscription default total and you will get a credit to a “cash account” that will be deducted what is actually charged to your card on the following box order. We do not give refunds for boxes under the committed, subscription value amount. We ask that you use all of your cash account credits before your last box by purchasing extra items as we do not refund the credits.

We have minimum box amounts. We kindly ask that you keep your boxes to at or above our  minimum of $30 regardless of subscription type. We will not deliver a box with less than $30 worth of product.

There is NO MAXIMUM LIMIT to your box order. If you customize your box contents to a total greater than your default subscription value you are “Approving” us to charge your card the complete amount.

Can I purchase add-ons (additional items)?

Yes! We have an online store with many items available to add to the box. You can also add more produce items to your box over your box price. If you are paying by check, you will not be able to purchase additional items. You can still pay for your CSA box with a check, but will need to enter a credit card to purchase add-ons.