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If You Love Organic Food, Then You’ll Love Our Farm


Living a healthy meaningful life no longer come’s at the expense of being busy.

Do you struggle to find organic food that’s affordable, fresh and farm direct.  Have you tried to start a garden to only find you don’t have enough time.  The energy and effort to till the soil, plant the seeds, stay on top of watering, and weed your garden is enough drive you crazy.  You don’t need to feel like you have to have a garden to reduce your carbon footprint either.  After years of having my own garden, I realized that my good friends wanted the same results but were too busy to have their own.

Enjoy Fresh Produce, Without the Exhausting Gardening

This is when I decided to provide good eco-friendly people with the ability to have garden fresh fruits and veggies.  Now all of our members are able to eat amazingly delicious fresh produce.  Eating all organic, and straight from our garden to your kitchen.  I’ve found many of our customers are able to spend more time doing things they love.  Like enjoying time with their family, going on vacations, and eating a lot better.  Without having to spend all their time trying to grow organic produce themselves.



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Save Time and Money

How much longer are you going to toil away time and money trying to eat organic?  Instead of attempting to plant your starts, and wait for your garden to grow.  Enjoy the summer, and eat like you have a wonderful fresh garden in your back yard (without all the hard labor!)  Your friends will be wondering your gardening secrets, and you’ll sneak a smile.  All the while knowing your secret is Hood River Organic.  Don’t worry about the fertilizer blend, watering times, or when to harvest.  Just sit back and eat the freshest organic produce around!

Take a look at our members comments!

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Click Here! Get Your CSA Box Today!


What You Get

Now it’s your turn.  Try our box today and you’ll get the benefit of a delicious fresh garden without all the time consuming work.  Enjoy the summer and eat healthier.  We stand behind our CSA box.

  • Customizable – You can choose what you want in each delivery.  Select items you want to get and don’t select items you don’t want.
  • Get fresh organic produce delivered to a convenient pick-up location or brought right to your doorstep
  • Guarantee – Fresh Guarantee!  If your box is not 100% fresh then we’ll make it up to you we promise!

Don’t wait any longer.  As summer fast approaches we get very busy, bringing in the best and freshest produce around.  If you are looking for a healthy way to eat better, and save time.  This is for you.  Also you really are helping the local economy.  And getting amazing fresh local produce, you are making the planet a better place by reducing your carbon footprint.



How to Join

Take control of your summer and join today, in 4 easy steps!

  1. Just click on the link.
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  3. Enter the coupon code: 4A2YPTF
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Click Here! Get Your CSA Box Today!