Step-by-Step Instructions to Customize Your CSA Box

You will get an email on Thursday afternoon (the Thursday before your scheduled box delivery), and then you’ll be able to customize your box.

1. Wait for our Thursday afternoon email, and make sure that you make your desired changes prior to the deadline (the deadline for customization is Monday @ midnight). You will receive an email saying that your box is ready for customization on Thusday at noon. At that point, please log in to your account to see the box contents for the upcoming week. We only post the box contents one week at a time (as it is impossible to forecast any further than that with the weather). The Thursday emails also contain important information for our members, new products for the week, and upcoming events. If you are not getting these emails, please check your spam folder (and adjust your spam settings accordingly).

2. Login to your account. You will see a page like this. Click on “See What’s In My Box/View Calendar” (if you have one subscription) or “Box Schedule and Contents” (if you have multiple subscriptions).

3. Your upcoming box should appear on the screen. However, you may have to click the date of your upcoming box on your calendar if you are a Friday member.

4. The Box Contents should appear on the screen. This is what the box will be if you choose not to make any changes. If you do wish to make changes, please click “Customize.”

5. Customize your box. Next you will come to a page that will have the same items with up and down arrows and you can change the numbers. There are also items (such as cheese and eggs) that start with 0. That means that you can add them or trade an item for them, but they will not be in the box otherwise. Make sure to SAVE CHANGES. You can also click “reset to defaults” to reset the box to the original contents.

We want to be as flexible as possible with our members, but Mother Nature can be fickle and nothing is certain in farming. Therefore, it is possible that an item will not be ready even though it was predicted to be ready in the customization list. So far this has happened only a few times. We try very hard to make an accurate forecast, but if it turns out that an item is not ready on your box delivery day, we reserve the right to switch for another item and replace it at the last minute. We will not credit the original item. Thanks for your understanding. That being said, the “add-on” items from the store work differently. These are guaranteed items and would be credited to you if we were unable to provide it for your box.

6. Confirm the box value. Please note the value of the box is $35 for a Micro-Sprout, $45 for a Sprout, The Grocery, Omnivore and Farmer’s are $55, and $65 for a Grande Box. When you add or subtract items, you may go over or under that value. If you go over, you will be charged the amount over. If you are under the box value amount, the remainder will go into your cash account on the day of delivery. This is stored on your member dashboard and it is a credit that you can use towards the purchase of another box or something from our online store. Our software will always deduct from your cash account first before charging your card.

Please Note: We do not refund any money in the cash account. We are asking our subscribers to invest in what we are growing and producing, which is a fundamental principle of being a part of community supported agriculture. If you plan to cancel your subscription, please use all the money in your cash account for add-ons or other organic products in our store for your final delivery. Thank you for your support of our CSA program!

7. Add-ons. After you save your changes to your box feel free to shop for add-ons! We have lots of great items that can make a wonderful addition to your box. Just click the “Shop for Add-Ons” button at the bottom of the screen and it will take you to our storefront (see graphic from #4). Please make sure to SAVE CHANGES before clicking on the “Shop for Add-Ons” button or your customized order will not be saved.

Substituting add-on items for box content items: Unfortunately, you can not directly substitute add on items from the store for items in the box and have the prices cancel out. The software does not work in that manner. If you have customized your box, and your new box total is less than the original total, the difference will be in your cash account the day of delivery and will be automatically used towards your next purchase of a box or add-on item. For example, you cannot take kale out of your box and add on Honeycrisp apples from the store and have the pricing cancel out. You will get charged $3 for the apples and have a $3 credit towards your next purchase.