How Our CSA In Bend Works

Get fresh fruits and veggies, from our farm to your home.
It’s incredibly easy to start eating organic produce
when you sign up with Hood River Organic CSA.
Find out below how you can start enjoying our CSA in Bend, OR today!

Choose from our Subscription Options:

Fresh Fruit & Veggies
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1.  Join

Click “Join Today” Choose from 4 different size boxes, and your frequency (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly).

2.  Create an Account

Select either a pick-up location or a home delivery region.  Create an account and pay.

3.  Customize

The Thursday before your delivery you will get an email, allowing you to customize your box.  You will be able to add things like eggs, cheese, and more of the produce you like.

Eating local matters

Why do we do it?


Getting food from our community supported agriculture or CSA means you’re supporting local farmers.  This farm direct tradition is how food used to be.  We believe it’s the only way to a sustainable future.


  • By sourcing food locally you are reducing your carbon footprint, one of the biggest contributors to global warming.
  • Fresh food always tastes better.  For the foodie in you that wants to cook delicious veggies that have your neighbors asking why your dishes are soo good!
  • Organic food doesn’t contain all the nasty pesticides that conventional fruit contains.
Check out what our members are saying!

Customer Testimonials

"I just received my first delivery. So happy. Going to make,some garlic scape pesto for my lucky personal chef clients."
Thank you for providing such amazing customer service and delicious, healthy, PNW-grown food!
``We love Hood River Organics! The quality of the produce is excellent, and being able to customize each box means we have a lot of control over what we receive and can plan the week's meals in advance. Plus, being able to pay weekly means there is no great financial burden or commitment- we pay for exactly what we receive. This has had a huge, positive impact our lives- we eat more produce, can plan our food budget and meals more easily, and spend much less time grocery shopping.``