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Hi, I’m Dan!  I moved all the way from D.C. to Oregon to make a living as an organic farmer.  I wake up at the crack of dawn every day to farm and bring CSA boxes to our many loyal fans.

I am very passionate about farming and organic food.  Sometimes I wake up wondering if I’m the luckiest guy on earth.  Living at the base of Mount Hood and growing organic produce for health conscious people like you is what drives me.  Here is how we help our customers at Hood River Organic.

Who is Hood River Organic?

We build a community around the idea that people want fresh, organic produce.  Organic was hard to find in the early 2000s so we wanted to make it accessible.  There was not much of a selection and the quality was usually not that high in stores.  Locals in the Hood River and Portland area were clamoring for more.  That’s when we decided to give people the opportunity to get local, organic produce delivered to their doors on a regular basis.

Who is your CSA for?

If you want high quality produce that’s organic and/or sustainably sourced then this CSA is for you.  It’s for people who care about what they eat and the impact it can have on their bodies.  It’s for people who realize the value of eating fresh, healthy food grown close to their home in terms of physical, environmental, and economic impacts.  All produce from our farm is Certified USDA Organic and Certified Oregon Tilth.  We also source produce from other local farms who grow using practices that coincide with the way we feel food should be grown.  Putting fresh, healthy, pesticide-free fruits and veggies on your table is what we love to do.  Your kiddos will love it too!

Is organic food healthier than conventionally-grown food?

Actually, the jury is still out on this topic.  However, according to a Harvard study, while conventional and organic vegetables offer similar nutrient levels, organic foods have fewer (toxic) pesticide residues.  One key nutritional difference between conventional and organics is their antioxidant content.  According to the study, organic fruits and vegetables contain anywhere from 18% – 69% more antioxidants than conventionally-grown varieties!  As far as healthy eating is concerned, we all know that fresh, organic foods are much better than highly-processed junk foods.  Many of our amazing customers argue that it tastes much better too!

Organic agricultural practices are also environmentally sustainable.  Conventional chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides go back into the ground and leach into our rivers and lakes.  The chemical fertilizers are not only toxic to your health, but they also harm the ecosystems they flow into.  If you want more information here’s an October 20, 2017 article regarding water pollution.

Is your CSA local?

Your CSA is locally sourced from the Pacific Northwest.  By taking advantage of the vast differences in growing seasons and the abundance of fertile soil in the Pacific Northwest we are able to serve our loyal customers with fresh produce year-round.  We work with several amazing farms and food producers in Hood River, the Willamette Valley, and Eastern Washington.  In addition, we work with local produce procurers to provide organically grown fruits that are not grown in our region.  This offers a more varied diet loaded with the wonderful benefits these fruits can provide us.

What do you grow?

Here at Hood River Organic, we grow a large variety of crops!  Our orchard produces pears, apples, peaches, blueberries, plums, strawberries, and more.  Our gardens grow basil, tomatoes, greens, peppers, garlic, winter squash…the list goes on!!  We also grow crimini and portabella mushrooms.  We sell our produce and fungi to many Whole Foods and New Seasons Markets, Portland and Seattle area co-ops, as well as to smaller grocery stores and a variety of restaurants in the Columbia River Gorge, Portland, and Seattle.

Why should I join your CSA?

If you shop local, then eating local is even better!  Our CSA is special because we partner with farms that have a variety of produce.  We offer our subscribers the ability to customize what they receive each week, meaning that you can pick and choose vegetables, fruits, and value-added products like milk, eggs, honey, bread, jams, jellies, and salsas!  In addition, we offer multiple delivery options.  Whether it is the convenience of delivery right to your doorstep or from your local Whole Foods or New Seasons Market, you can one stop shop for all your household needs!

So what should I do next?

If you would like to help support sustainable agriculture, help improve our environment, and support local economies please join us!  We have a great group of farmers and an incredible community of customers.  We would love nothing more than for you to become a part of it all!  Sign up today and start getting local, organic produce delivered to you!

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