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Try Our New Pescatarian Box!

The Pescatarian Box is like the Sprout box (feeds 1-3 people) with Tre-Fin line caught fish from the Oregon coast, a half dozen eggs and fresh produce.

It’s one of our ‘Ominivore’ Subscriptions as a ‘Pescatarian Box’ option.

How it works

Organic fruits and veggies, from our farm to your home.  It’s easier than ever to eat fresh, local food when you sign up with Hood River Organic’s CSA.  See below and join today!

1.  Join

Click “Join Today” and choose from different box sizes and preferred delivery frequency.  Then choose home delivery or a pick-up location.

2.  Create an Account

Confirm your order in the Shopping Cart and follow the prompts or email that you receive to set up your online account.

3.  Customize

Each Thursday, the week before your delivery, an email notification will prompt you to customize your box.  You will be able to purchase local value added products and add-ons such as eggs, milk, cheese, bread, granola, tortillas, spreads, salsas and much more.

Eating local matters

Why do we do it?


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) means you’re supporting local farmers.  This farm to table tradition is how food used to be shared and we believe it’s an integral part of creating a sustainable future.


  • By sourcing food locally you are reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Our CSA allows you to empower your local economy, which strengthens your community.
  • Organic food doesn’t contain all the nasty pesticides that conventional produce contains.
  • Fresh, local food absolutely tastes better.